Pets are the most refreshing living beings that every human loves to keep them at home for their foolishness, love towards human, funny nature, etc. that all made the animals more lovable by human being. Basically our love towards animals we get from the childhood as they are our real friends. Advertisements

Few lines about mother… She carry us with adetermination till our birth and shows the world She do fun when we are kids She is strickt during our education She supports us, when evryone against us She is proud when we achieve something She shows her unconditional love when we are alone She argues with […]

Decide Love or Lust, but don’t devalue the love…..

Stars and plants are the beautiful creations of universe, during day time plants are the most beautiful and at night time stars are lovable. Plants serve human beings restlessly in many ways (Scientific process and by its products) but they are not cared in return by the human beings, when night falls plants see the […]