Diwali is been celebrating in India which brought more brightness with Diwali lamps. It is a celebration of welcoming the light in to the life of darkness. In ancient days people were celebrated Diwali as their agriculture harvest was done and they celebrated the occasion with lighting lamps to remove the darkness and prayed to […]

Every human being is a victim of depression, it may be due to the feelings which we have, with this many of the people are becoming unhealthy and committing suicides that’s the reason “World Health Organization” have observed 2017 as the awareness year for depression. The reasons may be different like feeling lonely, business loss, […]

All Indian citizens have celebrated the 69th Republic Day, irrespective of cast and creed. It is very auspicious day for the people of India. Schools, colleges, Government offices and private organizations were celebrated the day with patriotism, there is much enthusiasm and patriotism is seen in the children, who are the future generation to lead […]