“#MeToo” became a popular hashtag word which was used by a women how she was sexually harrased. There were many untold stories for women they are sexually¬†abused, assaulted and harrased at work places, this was majorly happenef to the¬† low community people and women who works at various places. Even girl child has the #MeToo […]

“Our World” sounds good when we say Our World, but there are unsolved disputes between many countries there were boundaries, restrictions to live, limited period to stay. In the past there was wars between countries, still now some countries are continuing because of various reasons. We see different people, culture, languages, etc. in “Our World” […]

Self4Society is an application and portal with a caption “I to We” have launched to see new India with the help of organisations to take initiative in serving the society. India is a developing country which has many challenges to face and need to eradicate the poverty so, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched […]

Fruits are very unique diet for everone to maintain good health, there were many fruits all over the world which are unknown, but slowly some fruits are exported and imported due their health benefits and also they have been cultivated by getting the crops from particular place for example there is fruit we usually call […]

Stage that see many students who perform and show their talent in various cultural activities, some take pride gifts for their excellence and some have the privilege to take sports winning cup all that are appreciated on a stage which make every student feel proud and make them confident at their achievements. Their achievements may […]

Agriculture is an independent profession where a farmer can cultivate his interested crop so, an Indian farmer who work hard through out the year to produce qualitative agriculture yield, but his efforts were dragged by middlemen (crop purchaser) and the Government by fixing the price for efforts of farmer who manage his financial life by […]