Drought gives Debt to farmers, it happens when his hopes on nature is foolish and realizes that even the nature fool him with the unpredictable climatic changes. The whole world depends on agriculture, agriculture is a profession acquired from nature. Our ancestors survived with agriculture and cattle rearing and still it is continuing with lot […]

Diwali is been celebrating in India which brought more brightness with Diwali lamps. It is a celebration of welcoming the light in to the life of darkness. In ancient days people were celebrated Diwali as their agriculture harvest was done and they celebrated the occasion with lighting lamps to remove the darkness and prayed to […]

Sketch your thoughts and let the world know it. Every individual is a key to change the situation, inspire, motivate with their unique style of expressing the things. Sketching is an visual idea that shows the ability of a person to make their idea as a solution.

Pets are the most refreshing living beings that every human loves to keep them at home for their foolishness, love towards human, funny nature, etc. that all made the animals more lovable by human being. Basically our love towards animals we get from the childhood as they are our real friends.

Statue of Unity is a symbol for unity of India, which is because of the great leader “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel” who fought for the Nation and united India. In his remeberence the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel which is called as “Statue of Unity”. This statue is the […]

Weekend which is most awaited time to spend with family, friends and other beloved people. And few wait for it to take rest, few travel for outing, go to pubs which are the entertainments usually everyone have.