I thank very very little followers of my emotional and may not useful blog. In India we people are celebrating “Friendship Day” so, in this occasion i would like to convey my friendship wishes to all of you. Knowingly or unknowingly you followed my blog but, i felt happy with you people and once again […]

HELP A MOTHER TO SAVE HER SON…. Her son is a 17 years boy whose heart is in failure stage heart beat level dropped to 10% situation is critical, urgently need heart transplantation, he got very short time (max 1 – 2 weeks). Please forward this message to as much as you can so that […]

It’s hard to choose the fun or happiness? i feel most of us choose the fun than happiness because fun can be a temporary relaxation and happiness is a continuous search till the end of life. Every human being is a victim to be happy when we fall for fun, unless we realize the importance […]

Villages are proud for the Nation growth with the wealth of Agriculture and natural resources which is possible with water bodies, water is the basic resource that nature itself created it. If the water is extinct then the living beings are endangered so, we need a proper construction to preserve water in many ways like […]

Our journey would be more beautiful if there are trees beside the roads and it gives a pleasure to ride on bikes as far as long….Love the nature and travel to enjoy it.