October 24, 2018

Self4Society: New India

Self4Society is an application and portal with a caption “I to We” have launched to see new India with the help of organisations to take initiative in serving the society. India is a developing country which has many challenges to face and need to eradicate the poverty so, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Self4Society application on Wednesday to unite all IT companies and other organisations to create their own initiative for a better society.

i to we modi

There were various problems that India need to concentrate are education, health care, agriculture, social security, women empowerment, child labor, wild life protection, a clean India, education system, Digital India, financial development, etc. which are possible only when the organisation come forward to serve the society, there were many organisation whose income was increased during 2013-2017 and its their responsibility to contribute for a Nation in their affordable finance with an initiative.

Initially it has 88 organisation with 116 initiatives for a better society, it has listed frequently asked questions as resources where one can find all answers.

Any organisation can enroll for the Self4Society and become a part for making new India.


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