Wow…. Politics

All the leaders are one side and the innocent public is on other side, and the elections is an interesting game between people and the political leaders. It is an interesting game because always the winners are political leaders only but the people know they will lose it even though they play because they are attracted by various offers from leaders.

The second game is between political leaders of different parties, if there is no proper majority then it is difficult to form “Government”, then there are many leaders who need money and some other need power. In this the winner is who need power and he buy who need money.

Final game is played by the winners with the people, if people raise the voice on ruling party for their injustice then the political power is used to kill their voice or they just comfort the people with what they demanded. It continues till next elections and same game is repeated with different faces or may be same.

Not all leaders follow these kind of politics but it is happening, the fact is they(leaders) need power and people need development. This is like an agreement between people and winning party.