Labor Force


Can we imagine the civilization from the ancient days to the modern days without a labor, mostly these people are daily wage workers from the poor financial status. Their work is unrecognized but needed, every one is superior at their work and they need respect and care for their dignity of work.

There are many people who are migrating to various places in search of work, people from villages are migrating to metro cities for the work as the life in villages is becoming miserable.

In cities there are many places that labors all gather at one place and wait for the persons who come and pick them for work, this wages are based on kind of work they do. They all involve in various works like building construction, electrical, house keeping, sweeping, gardening, etc.

There is a huge migration in India from one state to another state in search of various works and the same flow is seen to aborad as their earnings are too less for their hardwork in India and they are moving to aborad as they get good salary for the same work.

……The day of man who work as a labor begins with a hope that he may get some work for the day with enough wages…hope that wakes him everyday early in the morning…They construct streets and lives beside streets, they construct buildings and lives in slums..

The major reason why the labors move for abroad work is, there they get guarantee work with good salaries, where as in developing countires there is inconsistency in their earnings.

The major labor manpower is taken by the countries like Kuwait, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar etc. There were huge Indian working population in all these countries compared to other countries.

In the past every one from the family were involved in work and now they are keeping the workers to work for them as the modern days kissed the rich life, the remaining middle class people have been struggling to get out off from the troubles.

“All the labors are like Gardening Scissors” as every man takes birth to serve someone, no one is a superior in the universe and every worker has the right to get recognition for the work they do.



A man with his child and a lunch box in his hand is going to his work place on the way he dropped his child in the school and said him that he will pick him after school and kissed his child then sent in to the school gate. From there he moved to a place where all the daily wage workers gather for work and someone come an pick them for various works.

Man who also in the same gathering is waiting for someone who can call him for work, from the whole gathering half of them got work and moved to the work places, few are still waiting for the work, it is almost lunch time few of them lost the hope of getting work for the day and some left the palce and very little are still there and had lunch at the same place after having lunch few slept under the trees and few are in their discussions. The man in the group decided to move from the place in search of atleast a small work, he approched a wholesale shop for work, the shop owner asked him to wait for 1 hour then he will provide him the work as the new load for shop is on the way and he has to unload the truck for which he gives him 200 rupees, the man agreed for that and did the work and took 200 rupees. Time was almost 5’o clock he rushed to his kid at school in hurry, the school closed at 4’o clock and the child is playing at the school gate with few children. When he saw his father the child ran to him and asked him to buy a new school bag which he asked 2 days ago…he took his child to a shop and brought a bag of worth 150 rupees and took some vegetables to home.

At home his wife is doing some work and her regular work is tailoring but she rarely gets the work…they had a big discussion about their earnings and towards his child life and that she is carrying with a second baby. He said her that he applied for passport after getting the passport a agent had assured me to send abroad as a labor in big construction company, his wife was awestruck for his decision and stopped talking for a while at that moment his child is busy in arranging the books in the new school bag.

After few days he got the passport and contacted the agent for abroad work and he assured him to send within one month…..

In this way there were many families who are struggling to live and leaving the family for years and staying in abroad to give a better life for their children and family.