Between Artificial Intelligence and Extraterrestrial


It amazing! if every one have the ability to travel the universe as we travel with in the country. Its interesting when we discuss about our evolution and likes to roam in the space to find the creator but its hard to a common man and it is a wonder always.

On earth man is the only intelligent who is leading the world and he want to prove on other planets also as the earth is filled with over population and pollution. And the man is visiting the space to find, is there any other planet which can support for living?

Man has invented many things for the survival, and their intelligence leads for the creation of robot for the mankind and to use them for various things like using in the manufacturing industries and for other intelligent works to replace the man for quick work and a robot can do multiple works than a man that which is needed in the fast growing economy and many countries are competing to create humanoid robot, but does this robot will be in the control of human or the human will be in the control of humanoid robots. However man is success in creating the artificial intelligence if they fail to use as they planed, then humanoid robots are sharp to destroy the human activities.

This is a wonder within earth, but what about out off earth? is there any thing powerful than man? may be there is a powerful thing from extraterrestrial.

There were some proofs of aliens, for a common man its hard to believe, they enjoy it like an interesting story that never listened by their parents and their grand parents, but as there were many universes than our, and it some times create doughts about the existence of aliens. And are they visiting the universe like us and want to destroy the human on the earth!!

All these are just questions of man, and man is in between artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial, if humanbeings are destroyed with any of these then humanbeings realize that there is some other powerful thing than mankind and it will be a question always does the man is endangered on earth?