Depression: Everyone is a Victim


Every human being is a victim of depression, it may be due to the feelings which we have, with this many of the people are becoming unhealthy and committing suicides that’s the reason “World Health Organization” have observed 2017 as the awareness year for depression.

The reasons may be different like feeling lonely, business loss, cheating, disturbances in relationship, health issues, fear towards career, death of someone and failure etc..

But for all theses the only medicine is to “Talk to the someone and don’t be idle with the brain killing thoughts” there were many people suffering with various problems, but every problem has solution to be happy. In general the problem is small but we make it complicate by continuously thinking to the deep which is very harmful that show impact on our psychology and health.

Its hard when we find the depression in children and old aged people so, take care of them and get the time and spend with them.

And, to be happy be good to yourself, keep yourself busy and avoid loneliness by interacting with the people.