Speaking to the Stars


Stars and plants are the beautiful creations of universe, during day time plants are the most beautiful and at night time stars are lovable. Plants serve human beings restlessly in many ways (Scientific process and by its products) but they are not cared in return by the human beings, when night falls plants see the lovely stars in the sky. Every day the twinkle stars embraces the lonely plants and the plant is in love with the star for which it tries hard to reach the star by growing as tall as possible but it won’t reach the love that it needed. Finally the innocent plant realizes that it may not reach the star, as tall it grows the star is moving away from the plant.

And so, the plant speak to star….i got rain fall and sun light from sky but you only embraced me when i’m alone and when all become busy in day time you slowly disappear from my vicinity and makes my day hard, when all left back as the darkness fall again you come to care me in the lonely darkness but you won’t talk to me…and as i try to reach you hard day to day by growing tall myself to be with you forever, but you are moving away from me with calmness and becoming yourself alone. In a process of reaching you i became a huge tree, but you were looking still young and your affection towards me is continuing but i didn’t hear from you, why you are so affectionate for me.

In fact, the star loves the plant, because it supports the life of many living beings, and even the rain fall is possible only due to heavy forests on the earth. Star always loves to see the plant but due to the domination of clouds and sunlight the plant couldn’t see the star for which it spends the day very hard and when all are surrounded the plant during day time, the star is alone….so, for this incapability the star become silent, it knows that they can’t live together and that’s why star won’t speak any thing to plant.

“Actually it’s everyone who feel lonely are in love with stars because stars always there by embracing the people who want to look at stars in the night…”