Story: Mr. Garbageman

The earth’s most busiest man woke up and started to their day activities from a school going child to a working man. Everyone is on roads moving to their work places, schools etc… As the roads were filled with traffic, the dustbins and the unused road corners are increasing with garbage.

The garbage pickers are very busy in collecting the garbage that were thrown order less manner on the roads and at dustbins. Some garbage pickers comes with small trucks and collect all the garbage and some garbageman go door to door with a small garbage truck, the whole garbage is dumped away from the city.

Garbage is a most precious thing for the self employed garbage pickers, they gather at the huge garbage dump and pickup the plastic things for their daily earnings.



A girl in a frock with uncombed hair is sitting alone on a rock seeing the city where all the houses are visible very small and very down to her as she is on a hill. She is dull and waiting for someone who can bring cheers on her face. It was evening all the people returning to their houses, even group of birds in uniform order are flying to their destiny, the evening is beautiful with clear sunset.

A man from far distance is climbing up to the hill on a fair mud road with a big garbage bag on his shoulder falling to his back, he is slowly walking up to the hill.

Girl heard the sound of slippers that of a man walking towards her, she turned her head and ran to him and hugged the man that he is her father. He bent down and kept the bag aside and rubbed her face with his hands and took a baby doll and gave it to her, the girl kissed it happily.

And they moved to their house on the hill, where all the poor people who do small works depends on the daily wages live on that hill, they are on top than the people who live in big well constructed rich apartment, but these people really rich with kind hearts and live happily with what they have.

He asked her daughter what you did in schools today? Are you listening to your teachers? she said that i’m studying well in school, today they gave boiled egg at midday meal our teachers are good. And she asked her father today how far you have gone…then he said he walked too far today and he picked bag full of plastic garbage, the earning is good than earlier.

They reached their house, the house is very small with single room with one electric bulb, one old table fan and one half broken plastic chair which he got it from the garbage. He brought many useful things to his house which are useful for them but which are useless for who have thrown as a garbage.

Before going to sleep the garbageman was calculating the money for which garbage he got more money and thinking about tomorrow what to collect and where to go for collecting the garbage.

The next day there was a big advertisement hording in the city not use plastic and all over the nation the swachh Bharat Abhiyan is implementing . This news was listened by garbageman if this really happens how he can survive but he has a confidence that our people won’t change and not to worry for his earnings with plastic garbage.

Everyone from each organization are participating in the Swachh Bharat event and cleaning the colonies, sweeping the roads and firing the garbage but they are not separating the degradable and non degradable things, if the plastic is burnt it is harmful to environment that every educated know but they just ignore and they had some beautiful selfies at the Swachh Bharat.

Garbageman was worried with this, not because the environment is getting polluted, it is for burning the plastic. He actually don’t know how the plastic is really effect the environment but his worry is about his earnings with plastic garbage, for a week he didn’t find plastic much as everyone is doing Swachh Bharat and burning the plastic along with other garbage.

There were many plastic goods imported from other countries and are recycled when damaged.

Garbageman was so early to home and his daughter came from school and she said that in their school they did Swachh Bharat and their teacher taught about the environment and said that we all have responsibility to protect it “If we protect environment, it protects us”.

The garbageman was little inspired by his daughters words that how environment is getting effected with plastic which takes hundreds of years to degrade, mostly the plastic end up in land fills, waterways and ecosystem. Earlier he used to pick the plastic for his earnings but his mind set was changed and he started picking the plastic to protect the environment.

One day he was very tired and moved to a small plastic & paper wastage shop where they buy the plastics wastage from the garbage pickers. And after selling the plastic wastage to the shop he sat there and talked to the shop man for a while about the garbage business, the garbage shop man said that it is good business until the plastic is completely prohibited and until the reading of news paper is stopped but any these won’t happen so, the one who pick the plastic waste and the one who buy it will earn money, who cares for environment anyhow the plastic and paper are being recycled.

The garbageman moved from the garbage shop and reached his house, he saw their slum houses where the garbage is thrown everywhere, no proper toilets to use. The garbageman started alone cleaning their surroundings of all houses for a week and some of other men also joined him later, they cleaned their surroundings and removed all the plastic wastage from mud and they brought some plant and planted in front of every house.

Everyday in the morning the garbageman collects the garbage from every house which is on hill and then he move for his regular plastic garbage picking.