Gallery: Constitution of India

Constitution of India

The people of a Nation have made a day for their prosperity in the life, it’s a Nation where every citizen have equal rights by it’s written constitution and it assures dignity of every individual and Unity & integrity of the Nation, which is a proud constitution of the people, for the people and by the people.

Is this just only a paper work? No! It has a power that provides Justice, Liberty for living, Equality in status and Fraternity for unity.

Unfortunately the truth is not everyone is feeling secure and don’t have hope of wealthy life in the mother land as it became necessity of living that which makes the people to move abroad. Some who feel the earning is hard in the country are moving to abroad for professional jobs and even to work as a labor, few people are disappearing to underworld for antisocial activities, some are having the power over other  people and few people are struggling to be happy with what they have.

If these things are also happening in other countries then how can we say that we are proud of our Nation and the country is great.

The actual proud moment and greatness were got during India Independence and when the Constitution of India came into effect. From the beginning of India Independence we have been calling our Nation as the developing country, can we hear that India is a developed country and the people are very united apart from various cultures and tradition. The political body and we the people are mutually erasing the real meaning of proud and greatness of the Nation.

Let us hope that India will always remain proud and great by having Dignity of every individual and Unity of the Nation.